Request for Proposals – Ataata Parenting Program Project

TI is seeking proposals from qualified vendors to lead the development of an Inuit specific curriculum-based early-childhood parenting program for Inuit fathers (the “Ataata Parenting Program”) with a “train the trainer” component so that it is accessible to any Inuit organization. The project will explore the roles of Inuit fathers and develop a culturally relevant and innovative curriculum that will engage fathers in their children’s early learning. The resulting program will provide Inuit fathers with support, knowledge and abilities to be active caregivers in the early years and provide culturally relevant early learning opportunities for their children. The successful proponent will be skilled in curriculum development and have significant experience working with Inuit communities.

The Ataata Parenting Program Project is an important part of TI’s efforts to increase Inuit-specific services and supports available to Inuit living outside of Inuit Nunangat in Ontario; to celebrate and promote Inuit culture, values and traditions; and to foster a sense cultural identity among Inuit children in the early years.

Deadline for proposals is Friday January 15, 2021.

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