What is the Alluriarniq (Stepping Forward) program?

Alluriarniq means, “Stepping Forward”. The program provides support for Inuit aged 16 and older living in Canada that are currently, or have in the past, engaged in sex work or are looking to exit the sex trade and victims/survivors of human trafficking. We also support victims of sexual violence and abuse.

There are 9 people on our team that are compassionate and non-judgemental.  They offer support in many ways and include mobile outreach workers that drive through areas of Ottawa and offer things like blankets, deodorant, condoms and other essential personal hygiene items. 

There are also wellness workers, counsellors, a Youth in Transition Worker, Inuk Elder, a person putting workshops together, office support and a manager that oversees the entire program.

If you are ever in need, the Alluriarniq program is available to help.

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How can Alluriarniq support you?

As a team, we can support you one-on-one, in groups and provide many services to support you.

Some of the internal (onsite) support includes:

  • Safety planning, restraining orders and peace pardons
  • Basic needs support like showers and laundry program, hygiene products, emergency clothing, shelter and kits.
  • Counselling
  • Workshops and life skills programs
  • Systems navigation (Things like helping fill out paper work or help to look for housing support)
  • Advocacy (We communicate on your behalf with community organizations. The goal is to make sure you’re getting what you need.)

Some of the external support: working with clients when dealing with include:

  • Ontario Works
  • Priority Housing
  • Victim Services
  • Ottawa Police
  • Child Adoption Services (CAS)
  • Criminal Justice System
  • Other internal departments
  • Medical professionals
  • (613) 232-4477

  • Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm

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