Women Empowering Women

The Violence Against Women program provides Inuit women, and their dependents, who have experienced violence to heal and reclaim their safety. We empower women in their various roles through culturally specific counselling, support, and referral services. We provide assistance for women requiring support with safety planning, court, victim services, police, shelters, and healing. Women can self-refer to our VAW Counsellor and Advocate to receive one-to-one service for themselves and their dependents as they move towards safety and well-being.

Two Inuit women conversing

Our goal is to:

  • Deliver programs that respect the diverse needs of all women and children regardless of their ability, sexual orientation, political or religious beliefs 
  • Provide support that is flexible and specific to the immediate crisis situation. The level of support is based on an assessment of the individual’s needs and preferences  
  • Community-led and prevention-focused  
  • Have Inuit Women Empowering Inuit Women

Our Services Feature:

  • Holistic, harmonized, culturally appropriate and strength-based approaches  
  • Preventative perspective and focused on the social determinants of health  
  • Culture and identity are foundational  
  • Flexible and outcomes focused  
  • Reconciliation focused (we acknowledge the past, we act now, and look into the future)


“Women” included persons who identify as women  

“Dependents” includes children and/or family members affected by violence and/or abuse currently residing in the home of the individual seeking services. 

  • Office located at 1071 Richmond Rd. Ottawa

  • Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm

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