What is the Child First Initiative?

The Inuit Child First Initiative ensures Inuit children (ages 0-18) have access to the essential government funded health, social and educational products, services and supports they need, when they need them. Tungasuvvingat Inuit offers service coordination to support applicants in accessing the Child First Initiative.

Inuit boy making a craft

Who is it for?

All Inuit children, no matter where they live in Canada, can request funding through the Child First Initiative.

They must be: *recognized by an Inuit land claim organization in Canada and they must be under the age of majority in their province/territory of residence.

Not sure if what you need is covered? Here is list of examples of items that could be funded under the Child First Initiative:

Addiction services
Cultural services from Elders
Mental health counselling and supports
Psychological assessments (autism assessment, cognitive assessment, psychoeducational assessment),
Assessments and screenings (speech and language, nutritional assessment)
Medical supplies and equipment, assistive communication devices, assistive technology, mobility equipment, adaptive products
Therapeutic services (ABA therapy, counselling sessions, behavioural therapy, psychiatry, dietician, osteotherapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech language therapy)
Land-based activities
Specialized summer camps
Respite care programs based on cultural beliefs and practices
Tutoring services
Educational assistants
Specialized school transportation
Assistive technologies and electronics

Each child’s needs are unique and requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Every application must be accompanied by letters of recommendation/support from Medical/Educational/Social Professionals that link the requested service/product to the child’s identified need/diagnosis.

If you feel your child is in need of a service or support that is not listed above, please contact us.

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