Youth Justice

Ottawa is home to the largest urban Inuit community outside the traditional territories of the Inuit (Inuit Nunangat). The systemic racism, lack of economic and education opportunities, poverty and inadequate housing, are among the main causes of overrepresentation of Inuit in the incarceration centers, and the abnormally high rate of suicide among Inuit youth.

The Effective Programming Initiative (EPI)/Youth Justice Program (YPJ) is funded by the Ministry of Community, Children, and Social Services (MCCSS)/ the Youth Justice Division. It’s technical table that targets justice-related policies and practices that affect Indigenous youth, including Inuit youth.

Inuit woman speaking into a microphone

The Goal

The primary goal is to review and revise such policies and practices and provide policy recommendations and best practices when it comes to Indigenous youth coming in contact with the system, along with effective and culturally appropriate programming and services that will prevent Indigenous youth from entering the justice system and to reduce recidivism after they do, under the inline with Ontario Indigenous Children and Youth Strategy (OICYS).

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