What is the Child, Youth and Family Services act?

Ontario’s Child, Youth and Family Services Act 2017 now recognizes Inuit as a distinct Indigenous community in Ontario, and Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (ITK), the national representative body for Inuit in Canada, is listed in the legislation.

This means that all Children’s Aid Societies are required to provide notice and consult with a representative chosen by ITK whenever they are involved with an Inuit family. ITK has designated Tungasuvvingat Inuit (TI) to be its representative to ensure that Inuit children and families living in Ontario who come into contact with Children’s Aid Societies have the opportunity to receive Inuit-specific supportive services.

What does TI do as an ITK  designate?

  • We provide a voice for the Inuit community when a Children’s Aid Society is providing services to Inuit parents, children or youth
  • We act as an independent advocate for the Inuit community in maintaining connections with Inuit children/youth and strengthening community well-being
  • We offer support for children, youth and families in the community

TI’S role includes:

We will make sure the interests and rights of Inuit families and children in Ontario are respected and upheld.

  • Assisting families to access alternative dispute resolution
  • Providing or assisting families to access resources, services, and supports for prevention
  • Liaising between the Inuit community in Ontario and Children’s Aid Societies
  • Liaising between families and the Children’s Aid Society
  • Providing family support services, including service navigation, advocacy, case management, program referrals and access to safe spaces for visits
  • Working with Children’s Aid Societies to find community placements for children
  • Helping to maintain the connection of children to their culture and their community, in Ontario and/or Inuit Nunangat
  • Providing knowledge, awareness and promotion of Inuit culture and community interests to Children’s Aid Societies, the courts and the legal community, and other service providers across Ontario
  • Raising awareness of the strengths and needs of Inuit children, youth and families in Ontario who come into contact with the child welfare system

TI works in partnership with organizations such as Inuuqatigiit and other Indigenous and non-Indigenous service providers across the province.

For more information on the role of ITK and TI under the CYFSA, please visit ITK’s website.

To notify ITK and TI that a Children’s Aid Society’s is providing services and/or exercising its powers under the CYFSA with respect to an Inuk child, please send the notification by email to notifications@itk.ca. It will then be forwarded to TI for follow up.

 *Note: As ITK’s designate, TI is adopting a phased approach to implementation of ITK’s rights and responsibilities under the CYFSA. At this time, TI will not be filing responses to court applications and/or participating as a party in court proceedings or hearings

  • Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm

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