Do I qualify for legal aid?

If you qualify financially and have a legal issue that is covered, legal aid will help pay for a lawyer to represent you. Check the table below to see if you qualify financially.

If you are experiencing domestic abuse, please tell legal aid when you apply because they have special services.

Note: Legal aid may ask you to pay for some of your fees. When you apply, they will talk to you about this more. They will also ask you about any assets you have such as any money in your bank account, investments, or property, etc.

Number of family members The amount of money your family earns in a year (for most family law cases) For domestic abuse cases and child protection cases
1 $18,795 $32,131
2 $32,131 $39,352
3 $39,352 $45,440
4 $45,289 $50,803
5+ $50,803 $59,440
Single boarder $12,330

Contribution agreements

If you have an income or own property, you may qualify for a certificate with a contribution agreement. This means you will be required to repay LAO some or all of your legal fees, based on your income level.

A contribution agreement outlines how much you will repay LAO. Learn more about contribution agreements.

What if I don’t qualify for a lawyer?

Legal aid may be able to help you in other ways.

Apply for legal aid
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