TI will help you connect with programs and services that are based on Inuit values and cultural needs. Your healing plan is made specifically for you. (COST FREE) There are too many Inuit going through court and too many Inuit in prisons. TI will support and help you so that you do not repeat crime and that you don’t end up back in prison.

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Gladue Reports

A Gladue report is given to the judge, this document tells a story of your life and how you ended up in the courts. The judge reads the report carefully before sentencing you. He or she will take everything that happened and consider what type of help you need after sentencing.

Gladue Program Details
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Restorative Justice Programming

Restorative Justice (RJ) is a method to justice where the answer to a crime is to bring the victim, offender and sometimes the community to meet to talk about the crime, what the crime has done to the victim, family and community. And for everyone to agree on how to the offender will make things right. This allows you the chance to take responsibility, a chance for the person who has been hurt to have their voice heard. This also allows the community a better understanding of why things happened and how they can help with healing and restoring harmony. 

Restorative Justice Program Details
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