Gladue Program

The program is funded by the Ministry of Attorney General, and the project team is comprised of two permanent Gladue writers.

Gladue ensures that Indigenous offenders have the opportunity to exercise their rights under Section 718.2(e) of the Criminal Code of Canada. When the offender and lawyer inform the courts of the offender’s Gladue rights, the presiding judge must consider all options other than incarceration, that all internal and external factors are considered when their sentencing or bail is being determined.

Gladue is a way for the criminal justice system to reduce the rate of the Indigenous population in the correctional system, and to reduce the rates of reoffences.  Gladue provides clients an opportunity to avoid becoming a statistic and for them to take control of their healing and wellness. It provides clients with access to culturally relevant and culturally appropriate programs, services and resources to realize their healing and wellness plan.

The Gladue team meets with Inuit clients who need to acquire a Gladue report as a part of the proceeding of being found guilty or have pleaded guilty with a criminal offense. This process is usually conducted through multiple meetings with the clients, with close communications with their lawyers and the social workers if they’ve been assigned with one. It’s worth mentioning that T.I offers the drafting of Gladue Reports free of charge, and T.I’s staff accommodate the client’s needs as much as possible.

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Gladue Program Resources

Gladue Brochure English

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Gladue Fact Sheet English

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Gladue Primer English

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Gladue Primer Inuktitut

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Gladue Fact Sheet Inuktitut

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Gladue Brochure Inuktitut

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Online Gladue Report Request

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