Inuit Education

Education in Ontario provides children and students, from the early years through to post-secondary, with the skills and knowledge they need to reach their full potential. The Education Policy Department collaborates with the Ontario Ministry of Education and the Ontario Public School Boards to promote the success of all learners by incorporating Inuit culture, values, traditions, and languages with integrity and continuity in the development of provincial education initiatives.

Inuit woman holding a CPR dummy

Program Description

The Education Policy team works with various levels of the Provincial Education System to promote and enhance Inuit-specific resources, supports, and content, while working alongside Ministry of Education officials, School Board District employees, and Inuit community members. The team participates at Ministry-level advisory tables and working groups to guide the development of new curriculum, policies, and mandates that affect Inuit students within Ontario Schools. The Education Policy team also focuses its efforts on strengthening school board relationships, engagement with community members, and improving access to Inuit-specific curriculum resources for all learners. The team participates on Indigenous Education Advisory Councils with various School Boards to ensure resources and supports reflect and promote Inuit culture, language, and student well being. The team also has a heavy focus on Inuit language promotion and explores ways Inuktut can be implemented and strengthened within both the Ontario education system and through services in the Ottawa area. Overall, the Education Policy team works to support and strengthen Inuit student well being, cultural and linguistic connections, and overall successes by collaborating with both community and provincial education institutions.

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