The Pisiksik Justice Department (PJD) consists of:

  • Manager
  • Restorative Justice Liaison
  • Restorative Justice Caseworker
  • 2 Gladue Writers

If a lawyer is needed, PJD can assist with identifying legal resources. We have resources below if you need a lawyer, to see if you qualify for legal aid, or require bail supervision.

*Tungasuvvingat Inuit does not and cannot provide legal advice*

Do you need a Lawyer?

Clients are encouraged to contact Legal Aid immediately to find out if they qualify for a free lawyer. It is a good idea to get a lawyer to represent clients at their bail hearing, especially if they’ve been charged with a serious crime.

Legal aid Ontario

Do I qualify for legal aid?

Legal Aid Ontario provides legal help for financially eligible low‑income Ontarians. If you are experiencing domestic abuse, please tell us Legal Aid when you apply as they have special services for these cases.

Do I Qualify?

Gladue Client Info Sheet

Gladue sentencing focuses on making sure your healing path is successful. Gladue will help you start healing from the suffering, hurt, pain and hard times. The goal is for you to begin living a healthy lifestyle.

Gladue Client Info Sheet – English
Gladue Client Info Sheet – Inuktitut

Restorative Justice Client Info Sheet

Restorative Justice ensures that Indigenous offenders have the opportunity to exercise their rights under Section 718.2(e) of the Criminal Code of Canada

RJ Client Info Sheet – English
RJ Client Info Sheet – inuktitut

Do you need bail supervision?

The Odawa Native Friendship Centre can provide supervision for Bail Court orders, monitor bail release conditions and provide support to Indigenous clients in the Bail Verification and Supervision Program.

Contact for Bail Supervision
  • Suite 601

    200 Elgin Street

    Ottawa, ON K2P 1L5