TI offers the following Justice Programs:

  • Restorative Justice Program
  • Gladue Program

These programs assist urban Inuit in dealing with the Ontario Justice system.

Restorative Justice program

Restorative Justice Program (RJ)

Restorative Justice is a system of criminal justice that focuses on the rehabilitation and not punishment of offenders through reconciliation and healing with victims and the community. We are working to address the lack of recognized Inuit specific Restorative Justice programming and diversion within Ottawa/Ontario. Through our depth of programing, and resources, Inuit youth and adults, within the community that have come in conflict with the law, will have the potential to be diverted from the Criminal Justice System both pre-and post charge.

Program Details
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The Gladue Program

TI’s Gladue Program ensures that Inuit offenders have the opportunity to present their story to the courts of how they became involved in the criminal justice system following a guilty plea or a finding of guilt.

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