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The Gladue Service Writer will acknowledge receipt of completed requests within 2-3 business days. If you do not receive notice of receipt please follow up by phone or email. The Gladue Service Program reserves the right to determine eligibility criteria.

For more information please contact Gladue Service Writers


  • • The Ikajuriallattiit Restorative Justice Committee (IRJC) will only consider preparing a Gladue Report after a client has pled guilty or was found guilty after trial.
  • • A Gladue Report will only be prepared after the Crown’s initial position on sentence is known.
  • • A Gladue Report will only be completed for those clients where **INSERT LOCATION** is their primary residence.
  • • A Gladue Report will only be prepared for clients who have consented.
  • • The IRJC will give priority for Gladue reports to those clients that are facing six months or more in custody. We will also give priority for Gladue Reports to Aboriginal women.
  • • Upon receipt of the request for Gladue Report and if the IRJC has approved a request for the completion of a Gladue Report, it cannot be assumed the report will be available on the date agreed upon.
  • • Due to caseload priority, the completion of a Gladue Report Request Form does not preclude that a report will be completed.
  • • Gladue Reports are produced in accordance with the Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling in R. v Gladue (1999), specifically pertaining to the interpretation of section 718.2(e) of the Criminal Code, which directs the courts to consider the background and systemic factors of Aboriginal offenders and alternative sanctions to imprisonment.