• •  TI normally write reports when crown position is 90 days or more. When crown position is less than 90 days, we will consider preparing a report on a case by case.
  • •  If TI has not agreed in advance to prepare a Gladue Report, it cannot be held to produce the report on the date requested. TI will endeavour to notify all parties as soon as possible, if it is not possible to complete the report for sentencing.
  • •  Only after TI has received all of the information required, will the report get assigned to a Caseworker. We require at least seven weeks to complete a report.
  • •  For out of custody clients we require a contact phone number or email address.

NOTE: If Defence Counsel does not hear from TI within one week of sending the request to us, please contact us to be sure that your request was received.

Online Gladue Report Request Form

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